Media create we do. Pleased you will be.
Well if Yoda worked for us, that’s exactly what he would say.  In other words, we help you communicate ideas through compelling animation, video and graphics in a way that doesn’t suck or break the bank. Now may the force be with you.

We make media affordable by offering professionally designed, ready-themed projects you can easily customize with your own text, images, logos or footage. Media can take the form of individual animations, videos or graphics or they can be a combination of similarly-themed items as part of a larger project like a website.  Whatever level of customization you need, the cost will always be reasonable, period.

Passion for

We work hard, have fun and love what we do.
We believe in every project we take on with a passion for excellence. We make things that help you move markets, compel audiences or even sell stuff. And when a great deal of customization is required, we simply ask thorough questions up front to learn about you, develop a plan, create all of the bits and pieces, then deliver a high-impact result.  Hooah!

real-world experience

Just like a tasty fruit-infused drink, every affordable media project is infused with creativity and thoughtful design.  Our fruit comes from real-world experience in marketing, retail, food & beverage, broadcast TV, digital signage, Internet media and cutting-edge presentation technologies. Yum.

of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video
increase of video consumption every year according to YouTube
of all online activity is spent watching video
people watch videos on Facebook every day


Video Production
Video is a big deal. It can help you sell stuff, motivate people and raise awareness of your brand. Our production process includes precision-editing things together like footage, animations, graphics, sound FX and music tracks. The end result tells your story in a way that is sure to impress. Oh yeah, the force is strong with us.
A well crafted animation can introduce anything from a product, live event or even a YouTube channel. Or it could be a subtle background motion behind a filmed scene or countdown clock. Including one in a video can be the difference between a stick of dynamite and a firecracker. BOOM.
Graphics can be anything from a logo, information slide or a component to an animation. And just like a red-headed step child, elements like this can sometimes be the last consideration. No worries. We will help you show some love to any freckle-faced projects you may have.
Marketing Copy
If it looks good, it should sound good too, right? We bring ideas to life by applying craftsman-like skills to word use, clarifying your message and articulating ideas in a relatable voice. Just like a famous movie quote, the end result is something your audience is sure to remember. Hasta la vista, baby!
Easy peasy lemon Sqezy. That's what you'll say when you experience our simple and dirt-cheap video-based digital signage turnkey solution. This is a great fit for any promotional situation where you need to repeat one or more videos in a waiting room, endcap display or tradeshow screen. Need media for a different signage solution? Oh yeah, we do that too.
Want to save a ton? Just BYOD (Bring Your Own Design). Hey, go ahead and buy a ready-themed design elsewhere and let us customize it for you or even turn it into a fully produced piece. It won't hurt our feelings one bit. We will even recommend some places to get them online. Booyah!

Work Examples

Dothan Sports Camp Promo
Logo Animation
AMH-TV Digital Signage
SCTN Digital Signage
Chiropractic Digital Signage
Countdown Clocks Demo
Sports Fans on Mission Promo
Troney Music Event Promo

Our Process

We have a lot of creative resources to work with backed with a winning skill set.  That gives us the ability to create high-impact media projects that are affordable, customizable and effective.  Every project is different, which is why we offer a FREE CONSULTATION to help you understand your project requirements and what we can do to help you.

Give Us the Lo-Down

Tell us about your project, what you are looking to do, how much you want to spend and when you need it delivered.  We will respond with spot-on suggestions and/or samples to choose from that would make Siri jealous.

Select A Winner

Select an option from our suggestions (or bring your own project design) and decide how much customization you want.  Hey, we have your back and want to make it easy.  If you are not sure about the design stuff, just tell us what you want the end result to look like and we can take it from there.

Pull The Trigger

We shoot straight and don’t like surprises any more than you do.  So before you pull the trigger, you will receive an honest quote with no hidden costs.  From there you simply finalize the creative direction, production options and payment.

What our clients say
Cheryl S.

In the history of man, names have come to mean many things. MediaCre8 has come to mean mythical beast mode dragon. Thanks!

Ken O.

MediaCre8 is by far the best to work with out there. Their communication is wonderful and worked very hard with me to get the exact product I wanted. I highly recommend them!

Barry H.

Just to say, awesome Job and Service! I needed a timer of 20 Minutes with some specials in it. And the result is better as I imagined. I got help regarding making design decisions, as well. Thanks a lot!

John A.

Very awesome experience!!  There was a lot of attention to detail and they were very nice. They were also confident enough to express their own idea which was amazing and the timeliness of the delivery was perfect.

Jerry B.

My video is everything I asked for and was delivered in a very short amount of time. The professionalism of MediaCre8 is amazing. I highly recommend for any video needs you have!

Eric G.

A very big thank you for the wonderful job done. All the three projects were really stunning and awesome. I like it very much. Will definitely come back with more projects!

Marie S.

HOLY COW! MEDIACRE8 IS AWESOME!!  Thanks for being kind and going the extra mile to make sure I was happy! THANKS!

MediaCre8 Contact

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